About Me

I am a curious girl, a designer interested in any creative discipline. I really like to work on any project that inspires me as well as create and inspire others through my ideas and thoughts. In other words, I just love to be moved by a dream that becomes real!

I remember my childhood surrounded by mountains of textiles, patterns, colors and love, loads of that, both. Since then, I knew I was going to be creative, I had to be! , studying and working for different brands across my career,  in Barcelona and London. At present, I dedicate part of my time designing clothes as well as I a stylist in photoshoots. Also art directing, design and architecture, more in a collaborative manner.

I take every new project as different from the other which makes me challenge, enjoy and put all my passion on them.

Basically, I love the balance between the rational and the creative side. It is like the mathematics and magic together, you’d think they got nothing to do but honestly, for some people, the best things in life came from mixing.

If you agree with me, we can always put that idea into practice